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Dark Shadows
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"death do me apart, as my heart falls into the glimpse of darkness. however, my soul shall always stick to the sword" Book:Shadow Warriors author:Christian J. Demesa

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Shadow Warriors

Chapter 1: The Calling

Created By: Christian J. De Mesa

My world is gone to the brink of war, My world. From across the lands between Luthaca'ar to the great sea of Marathin. Oh how I wish for the Great Bolares could send our people with some light. However the only people who could shed light is myself and other warriors living up on this cursed rock of ours.

"LARREN! Hey Larren" Loud screaming voice coming from the halls. I rolled my eyes every time, listening to that damn screaming voice. For I know who could that be doing it every morning when I always look down and relaxing from the balcony. "augh, what is it, Jeerraden? Is Lord Bolares going to send us into another mission?" said in a exhausting way. "hey how'd you know? I never known you could be that psychic just like Klarris." scratching his head wondering how I'd know. "I know it because you are too predictable Jeerraden. Well anyway, how is Klarris? She is not doing her fancy card reading is she? Only thing I am worried for her is combat training". "Klarris is fine. She is just doing Mana practicing. But really? How much you care for her?, Larren." Jeerraden said in a sarcastic way. "augh, just shut up, and lets go to the meeting". Jeerraden is one of the middle classes of warriors. Talking too much, and being a clumsy idiot is all him, but in missions he can handle himself quite well.

The Halls of Warriors. The amounts of warring missions of how many of our brothers have lost here. All their great swords and shields stays here of whose the warrior's wearer belong to. We warriors have to honor their stories of how they began and ended. However, It never amuses me to hear it. "Hey everybody, looks like we are on a another mission today. Another scavenger hunt? Taking out a great overlord? oh my my MY, oooh oooh what abo-". "SHUT UP, JEERRADEN!" everyone replied. "aww whats with people, you guys are no fun, can one warrior in this Hall respects me?". "aww cmon guys, Jeerraden is always a good warrior...". Jeerraden with a big smile. "For always crying in danger!!" said Klarris with a little giggle. Klarris is a kind woman, and always the helping hand around here. I rescued her from my 1st mission. .Klarris been through the same tyranny as I was. From that day on, we made a promise that we are gonna protect each other.Well, I was her only 1st friend to make a promise like that, and oh what could bother her. Jeerraden with rage he replied " Aww that is one, and ONE TIME only Klarris, that was the time when we were looking for the stolen Red Jewel of Goolodawn". Then the big guy, named Galden, came in. "OH YEAH?, what about the Dragos of Hallendis, Pits of Underthrall, Canyons of Jalugiss, shall I continue?". "HAA, hahahahahahaha,The one in the canyons was pretty good, I too almost fall by laughing to death" said Shing.

In the background, A man with robes turned around with a serious look on his face. "FELLOW WARRIORS! Today is not the day for all of you act so childish. All of you should know, that you are all called here from Lord Bolares for a mission" he said. "YES, forgive us Master Lennix" Everyone responded. Master Lennix, the man who rescued me from the village, and trained me to become a Shadow Warrior. I owe him my life, which he gave me this. To us, Master Lennix is more than just master. He is like a father to us all, teaching the ways of what is good and not. I or neither of my fellow warriors couldn't disrespect him. Lord Lennix is our great master.

"You are all forgiven, now today another nightmarish vision came from one of the followers. Its deep within the great ruins of Kahalleris. an underground prison of the great gates of Koraden. The Dark enemy that should be feared to all will be released" Jeerraden stepped in with shock, "You don't mean, the great one that caused all of this whole mess a 40 years ago?". "Yes, the one named Bancoora".When I 1st heard that name, it gets my blood boiled. I knew something about Bancoora, that he knows where they have hidden the one I am looking for. I have no choice but to take it. "Fine, then this mission should be mine and mine alone.". Master Lennix is giving me the lazy eye. Wondering why I wanted this mission, but he knew it all too well what I wanted. "Wait, why you wanted this?, is there something that interest you in this mission?". "Yes it does, because there is someone that I am looking for." " Isn't it your mother?" Klarris said. "You should already that your mother have died years ago". " HOW DARE YOU TO SAY THAT TO ME!? HOW WOULD YOU SUPPOSE TO KNOW THAT!? Her body was not found within my village. I know my mother is still alive and there should be a reason why she is taken. So I am going over there to find the answers that I needed and none of you shouldn't dare follow me". Master Lennix gives the final result, "Then fine it is, you will be going to the ruins of Kahalleris to finish this mission." with relief I have left the mountains to Kahalleris. Meanwhile, back at the mountains. Galden is worried for myself for I have to do it alone."Are you sure about this? Other dark soldiers from different regions are coming to see Bancoora being let out of his prison." Master Lennix was laughing at Galden like he has no clue. Galden still wants to insist. "Did you hear me, friend? I said I let him go to Kahalleris to finish this job. But I did not say he could do it alone, did I?". Galden, smiled and he thanked Master Lennix for the order. "So then, I will gather the warriors to Kahalleris. Thank you so much Master Lennix. You truly are a great master" Galden left to assemble the others.

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